New servers

Today we moved Teamlist onto new server infrastructure, providing better performance and redundancy.

Older payment systems retired; Updated login screen

Today an another update is going into Teamlist to increase security and fix some bugs. You’ll notice that the login screen will look different and we may give it a further facelift over coming weeks. Another change is that I’ve retired some old payment systems. This may be of interest to you if you use Teamlist to run events or to collect donations. Old system Replacement Credit card (via Direct One) Credit card (via Direct Post) Credit card (via Securepay) Credit card (via Direct Post) Credit card (via Ewayx) Credit card (via Eway Rapid) This change won’t affect public users […]

Security update

A Teamlist security update will go in today.  As a once off, you may be forced to login again. In the future, if you stay logged in for a long period, without any activity, you will be prompted with a login box and you’ll need your username and password handy. Although mildly annoying, this feature will protect your data by making it harder for attackers to gain control of your account.

Features available with new-style event forms

For those who are using our new-style event forms, here’s 4 things you should know: Clicking on a booking number brings up the booking screen. Unlike last year, each record now starts off with the ‘registered’ box ticked. The ‘Cancel booking’ button is now available. There’s a new Event Overview report   Further Detail 1. On the top level Teamlist screen, where the search results are shown, you can click on a booking number to bring up a booking associated with a particular person. This means you can see all the columns at once. Last year, it was more fiddly, […]

Changes to the Invoices Report

If you use Teamlist to manage event registrations, you may have come across its Invoices report. This report can give you a quick indication about the money that has come in from registrants and any amounts waiting to be received. Today I changed how the Owing column is calculated. Previously it showed zero wherever an invoice was cancelled. Now it shows billed minus paid, i.e. it will be a negative number if you need to refund some money. The Paid column will also be shaded purple, to make this situation visually obvious. I also recently added the option to omit […]

Subscription options – Two kinds of No

If you’re using Teamlist to collect contact details on a public web form, you probably ask your users, “Future Contact? Yes or No”. Their answer determines whether they will receive any bulk mail that you subsequently generate through Teamlist. To date, we’ve had an option in the backend user interface labelled, “OK to receive bulk communications?” Here you could update someone’s preferences if they asked you to do so. It was just a matter of unticking a box. But now we offer you three options, “No – not specified“, “No”, or “Yes”. Why the two kinds of No? First some […]

No more “Bounce action notification” emails

Teamlist uses a system for detecting bounce messages. This gives you some feedback about which email addresses on your lists are invalid. Because bounce messages are not standardised, we have to use a best guess, with special care to avoid false positives. When a bad email address is detected, the email status field changes to “bounced”. The email address is also displayed with a strikeout through it on the spreadsheet report. In the past you would also have received a “Bounce action notification” email, but this proved annoying for large lists. As of today you will not receive those notification […]

Copy to Clipboard

On the Edit Screen, there is a [Copy] button. If you use Internet Explorer, this button will put some basic info on the clipboard. e.g. Fred Bloggs [h] 9555 5555 32 Sideways St Suburbia WA 6121 In other browsers, there is one extra step. A little dialog box will popup. Then you can just press CTRL + C and you’ll have the text on the clipboard. If you happen to use Mozilla Firefox, there is a way to avoid the second step. Follow the instructions here. The setting is signed.applets.codebase_principal_support=true