Bulk email, no more [list-name]

You may have noticed that your bulk email was being changed slightly before it went out. Until recently, Teamlist added the list name in square brackets at the beginning of the subject line. e.g. Messages to the org-div-list@lists.teamlist.net.au list would get [org-div-list] added to the front of the subject line. In the spirit of the Principle of Least Astonishment, I’ve decided this was a bad idea. Teamlist no longer does this. Now it’s up to you — if you want a list name at the front, you are free to add it yourself.

Outlook users, no more ‘on behalf of’ / bounces

For a long time now, Outlook users have had to put up with bulk email like this: The Subject line organisation-division-list-bounces@lists.teamlist.net.au on behalf of real.sender@somewhere.com   That “-bounces” suffix is misleading and the “on behalf of” bit just clutters things up. None of these problems show up in current versions of Outlook Express, Gmail or Thunderbird. It’s just an Outlook thing. But I found a solution. The article that gave me the impression that this problem was unfixable, had been updated. Wish I’d seen this earlier… but as of yesterday Teamlist posts look better in Outlook. Now you get: The […]