For those who are using our new-style event forms, here’s 4 things you should know:

  • Clicking on a booking number brings up the booking screen.
  • Unlike last year, each record now starts off with the ‘registered’ box ticked.
  • The ‘Cancel booking’ button is now available.
  • There’s a new Event Overview report


Further Detail

1. On the top level Teamlist screen, where the search results are shown, you can click on a booking number to bring up a booking associated with a particular person. This means you can see all the columns at once. Last year, it was more fiddly, because you could only access each person individually.

2. After the booking form is processed, a record is created for each person — one for each column. Each record will start off as ‘registered’. This means if you want an accurate headcount in the Event Overview report, you’ll need to manually delete records for people who will not be coming. Or alternatively you can just untick the registered box for those people.

This is a departure from how the system worked last year, where people started off as unregistered, and they became registered when they paid.

This change paves the way to switch on automatic booking expiry, should you request this in the future. For example, we could set things up to automatically cancel bookings if they are not paid within two hours. We’re already doing this for some events.

3. The Cancel Booking button, on top of the booking screen, now functions correctly. This button only appears to public users if they use a URL to return to their booking.

I’ve kept quiet about this URL feature up to now, but it’s undergone enough testing now for people to use it. If you click on the booking number (13546 in the image above), you can obtain the URL for this particular booking. It’s also in the Invoices report. In the future you might consider automatically including this URL in emails sent to delegates.

4. If your event offers part time attendence, full time attenders will have all the part time days ticked behind the scenes, e.g. Mon,Tue,Wed etc. This may be subtly different to how things were done last year, so bear it mind when tallying up your headcounts from the reports.

5. Behind the scenes, the reservation system has been overhauled somewhat. You shouldn’t notice any differences, but let me know if you see any unexpected behaviour.

6. The Event Overview report is available under the Reports menu. Unlike the spreadsheet report, this one appears onscreen and has a Refresh button so you can keep an eye on changes in real time. It provides a quick overview of number of people registered. For some events it also has totals concerning dietary requirements so that you can pass them on to your caterers.

Example Event Overview report

  • Registered: 500
    • Fully paid: 400
    • Not fully paid: 1
    • Using baby facilities: 3
    • By fee type
      • Other: 15
      • Unset: 61
      • Standard: 100
      • Concession: 20
      • Student: 30
      • Earlybird: 200
      • Voucher: 5
    • Meals
      • vegetarian, gluten free: 2
      • vegetarian, other: 1
      • gluten free: 30
      • vegetarian: 20
      • pregnancy friendly: 5
      • other: 20
      • gluten free, other: 6
      • normal: 200
      • pregnancy friendly, gluten free: 4
  • Unregistered: 3
    • awaiting a credit card (via eway) payment: 1
    • awaiting an unset payment: 1
    • awaiting a net-banking payment: 1


Note that I’ve randomised the numbers above, for privacy reasons, so that the numbers don’t add up correctly in this particular example.