Special features for Conference Registrations

Several delegates can be registered and paid for in a single transaction.

You can authorise as many people as you like to look at the list of registrants online. They can use this information to send emails, or update contact information, elective choices etc.

You can have more than one person doing registrar duties, as they can each handle phone orders and issue invoices at the same time.

If you have internet access at the conference venue, you can use Teamlist at the door. It is possible to accept new registrations, issue invoices and print a report of everyone on the rego list right there at the venue.

An up-to-date spreadsheet can be downloaded on-demand. This is a quick way to generate lists for your caterers or seminar leaders. You can also use it to do a mail-merge in Microsoft Word to create mailing labels or name badges.

The system has been designed with the Australian Privacy act, SPAM act and taxation system in mind. Conference delegates indicate at the time of registration whether they wish to be sent marketing emails concerning future conferences.

Teamlist can recognise return customers, from previous conferences, allowing you to track their attendance across multiple conferences, and to send targeted marketing emails. It does this without asking customers to remember passwords or ID numbers.