Teamlist costs $22 AUD per month

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Teamlist is a program to help organisations keep track of people. More than just a contact list, it can broadcast messages and accept payments. Technically speaking, it’s a CRM. It has its niche:

  • Designed for teams made up of volunteers and paid staff
  • Web-based, so you can share information quickly
  • Download reports in Microsoft Excel format.
  • No software to install
  • Write newsletters and bulk emails using your normal email program, e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

Special features

  • Events module – to run conferences etc, can accept credit card payments from customers. Issues tax invoices.
  • Able to send bulk text messages by SMS.
  • Has a simple security model, ideal when there is a moderate level of trust among team members.
  • Uses strong encryption to protect data from outsiders. No credit card numbers kept in the database.

Churches, student groups and not-for-profit clubs would be well served by this software. It is best for teams that share their workload, rather than those that entrust all their administration to one person.